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AAA Landscaping

Welcome to AAA Landscaping

Welcome to AAA Landscaping

Welcome to AAA LandscapingWelcome to AAA LandscapingWelcome to AAA Landscaping

We not only promise to deliver beautiful landscaping, we also offer a maintenance service where you will never have to worry about clean-up again. We leave every maintenance and construction site immaculate!! No two projects are the same. We don't believe in one price fits all, because we won't skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.     Interlocking Pavers     Our company is certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.  Each of our employees have been educated directly from the ICPI's protocal.  With our experience and our strict installation guidelines, we can gaurantee the most elite installation of interlocking pavers.  Pavers are becoming a very hot commodity here on the Westcoast.  The benefits of interlocking pavers are so great, that they're now becoming the choice of pavement for many airport runways, the port of Oakland, and many manicupalities.  Below is a link to furthur inform you on the benefits of pavers:       http://www.icpi.org/ http://airvolblock.com/cm/Pavers/Paver_Styles.html      Retaining Walls  As certified Allan Block retaining wall installers, we are a recommended installer by our largest local supplier.  By using quality products combined with our prestine installation protocal, we can garauntee excellent sound installations.  Whether you're working in the garden, the surrounding landscape, or on a major retaining wall, our package of creative products and services will deliver.  We offer a wide array of different options to meet all of our customers needs.  The most popular retaining walls that we find are as follows:  segmented (Allan Block), cinder block, and poured concrete walls.  Cinder block and poured concrete walls are usually decorated with stucco, paint, or our favorite, Cultured Stone Veneer.  Here is a link to some retaining wall sources:     http://www.allanblock.com/ http://www.culturedstone.com/         Irrigation Systems     We have been thuroughly educated by local suppliers & accredited agencies on the most optimal procedures in creating lush lawn's & installing efficient irrigation systems.  We have made it our main focus to minimize water waste to help reduce your utility costs.  Whether converting your full pattern shrub sprayers to drip, or installing efficient sprinkler heads like Hunter's MP rotors, we can help.  The link below is a sprinkler type which allows us to lower our installation costs, & decrease percipitaion lose by 45-55%, compared to conventional sprinklers.     http://www.mprotator.com/caseStudy/matchedPre.html        Yard Maintenance      We offer a few different options when it comes to lawn maintenance.  Weekly & bi-monthly maintenance plans are offered with either a mow-n-blow, or full service setup.  We prefer full service on any account for the reason that, we want your landscaping to represent our companies excellent services.  Also, we recommend that you ask if we are having any promotional deals with first time customers.  25-50% off your first months service.        Sodding & Seeding      Anybody can lay down sod or sow new seed, however we are experienced in determining soil content, proper irrigation, and have the knowledge to set you up with a cost effective plan to maintain your lawn after installation.  With bi-annual aerating, quarterly fertilizings, and proper watering schedule, you'll always have the greenest lawn on the block.     Aerating & Dethatching     If you're grass is in bad shape, yet it's not bad enough to tear it out, we can help.  We can aerate and dethatch your existing lawn, then reseed.  In about 6-8 weeks the new seedlings will have sprouted and matured to a lush sea of green.  Check out the link below on the importance of aerating.  http://www.ext.vt.edu/pubs/turf/430-002/430-002.html    Clean Ups      Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? We can take any overgrown landscape and give it a AAA grade cleanup.  Leave it to us, we have reasonable rates and hydraulic dump trailers to accomodate any job!!