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AAA Landscaping

Welcome to AAA Landscaping

Welcome to AAA Landscaping

Welcome to AAA LandscapingWelcome to AAA LandscapingWelcome to AAA Landscaping


Your Dedicated Service

AAA Landscaping LLC has been providing excellent residential and commercial landscape maintenance services within San Luis Obispo County for over a decade. Our priority goal is to always ensure our clients landscape is maintained properly and is as worry-free as possible.   Currently, we service the following locations within San Luis Obispo County:     San Luis Obispo, 5 Cities, and Nipomo.    General Clean-up (one time service)      •Has your property been neglected? Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? We can take any overgrown landscape and give it a AAA grade cleanup.  Leave it to us, we have reasonable rates and hydraulic dump trailers to accomodate any job!       Weekly or Bi-Weekly         •mowing         •blowing        •edging        •pruning        •debris clean-up        •proper watering schedule set-ups        •fertilizing for trees, shrubs, and flowering plants        •fertilizings for lawns        •aerating and thatching for lawns      •irrigation checks and repairs