Your Dedicated Service

AAA Landscaping LLC has been providing excellent residential and commercial landscape maintenance services within San Luis Obispo County for over a decade. Our priority goal is to always ensure our clients landscape is maintained properly and is as worry-free as possible.   Currently, we service the following locations within San Luis Obispo County:     San Luis Obispo, 5 Cities, and Nipomo.    General Clean-up (one time service)      •Has your property been neglected? Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? We can take any overgrown landscape and give it a AAA grade cleanup.  Leave it to us, we have reasonable rates and hydraulic dump trailers to accomodate any job!       Weekly or Bi-Weekly         •mowing         •blowing        •edging        •pruning        •debris clean-up        •proper watering schedule set-ups        •fertilizing for trees, shrubs, and flowering plants        •fertilizings for lawns        •aerating and thatching for lawns      •irrigation checks and repairs